Here She Comes


Assalamu Alaikum Wr Wb

Glad to know that I totally move on from blogspot to wordpress. Actually, I,my self, sometimes feel sick when I have to staring and stick to the old template of mine. See? That one is so childish. FYI, I am a woman now,lol. Well, lets just cut it out and begin this crap,hmppf.

Here I come. My complete name is Nurul Fajriyah Hading. I was born in the heart of Ujung Pandang, 14 April 1990. When I was young, I used to live my life in ordinary way, half bitterness, half sweet . Got a huge and lovely family, even thou’ I describes “lovely” in a very different way. Just in case, if you guys curious about the writer too, lemme tell ya about me personally. I worked in one of  local media in Makassar. Maybe my writing looked amatir lol. But I’ll try to make it look better day by day. Amin.

Firstly, lemme tell you an interesting story about me. Well, someday, if I get married and got my own kids, this would be a very nice lullaby. Actually, I am expecting that part. When I wrote something, just to show my lovely kids how wonderfull this life would be. Lol, this sounds ridiculous, but trust me, I got a vision, I believe my life is on purpose. I’m, as a writer, not fooling you guys. This is the truth. Even when I wrote it in an abstrack words. I’m sure,for those who understand much about life, will got it right eventually. Finally, I’m here by to presenting my huge story called “gifted life”.

Why do I pick that tittle? Lemme explain. Lullaby used to told before sleep, so my story would be nice to tell in the night before off to bed. Its kinda bed time story. Then, when the lullaby was told, people would understand the meaning of mine or others then re-think. So that re-think will motivate you to do better and better for the next day. For the example, you read the lullaby tonite, then tomorrow you’ll be and feel better. So its like a vitamin, spirit, new perspective and such thing,lol. Actually, my second blog named A Lullaby To Rise And Shine. Its an ideology for me. Well, this time. I’d like to transform into a mature one. InsyaAllah. Sometimes, in the night, I keep on thinking about someone who thinking about me? Did they know that I’m curious about ’em too? What if they knew? What would happen then? Well, guess we’re all gonna say, its such a mistery. So, lets jus post my old writing and wait what would happen next?

Wallahu Alam Bissawab.

Nun, Walqalami wa maa yasturuun. Wassalamu Alaikum WrWb.


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