A Part Time Friend

Remember when we first met.
You and I were both immature.
You grab my hand, hold it tight.
You said we should keep sticking each other.

Remember that cruel senior when we first met.
Bullying us till drop.
Thats when you see me and wipe my tears.
The next day, I am getting used to do the same thing for you.

Remember the view next days.
Its been weeks, months,years.
So long until we got senior spot.
Now, we got our own priority.

You choose your comfortable way,
And I choose my freak world, spinning around me till I got twisted.
We both living it happily.
Untill the time had us back to the old day.

But this time is different.
You acted like “up To You, Its Your Way,Go Ahead, I Won’t Mind”.
Thats so weird of you.
You don’t seem my “old best friend”.
You choose your own path without involving me anymore.
Thought you’d better off without me.
You got another “best “fake” friend”.
Thats what you always like to do.
Yeah, you love doing a very simple things.

Now, i realized.
We got our own way, choosing a different path again.
You, sometimes forgot to remind me.
And, I, Intentionally, forgot to remind you.
But glad we’re apart sometimes.
It taught me alotta things.
Living my own “gifted” life alone.
Alone without a back stabber with angle faces.

Lately, I’d love to call you “a back stabber”.
Well, sometimes I wish to have plenty od chance to stab you in the back too.
In case you never knew, I stabbed you in the front, several times.LOL.
Now, the whole memories has show me the truth.
That You are the truly back stabber.

Wrote by  @nurulistis
nb : untuk teman paruh waktu yang kadang menyesatkanku di berbagai kesempatan. xoxo


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