Random Thing #1

I remember when my friend told me that If we often spreding rumor about the some friend, that friend actually doing the same thing as we did. You know, spreading random rumor about us.

Weleh weleh that sounds complex, isnt it?

Well, here is the thing. The one who told us that matter supposed to be a saint. They talk that easy just like they never did it in any chance. But lemme tell you this, No, They’re not. In fact, they are just, and only human too. Same like us, like you and me. Ordinary, lack of perfection.

So, what i am really try to say is, when they told you that shit, you shouldnt blamed your self and feel like youre the only worst person on earth,lol. They did the gossip too, maybe far greater than us LOL


Whats the point,by the way?

By writing this, i just wanaa cheer up a lil bit. Not intend to release the sadness and suffering, but we have had many bad times among those view good times. And sometimes, in some critical situation, we blame our self as much as we could. Hit the road, going nowhere, spending money or time with no purpose. Oh am I whining? No i am really not. Honestly.  I am just the person , same as the others ,who’ve been tru lots of weird things in this life. Weirdness I couldnt take, and end up like a random person haha.


Sometimes, we dont get it right. About life, the whole matter. So, we were like “Why is this happening to me? Why me? Why am I the only one?”

Hhh, it is really hard to say thats not true, because some people basicly said it including you and me. Many times. But we are not the only person who got the  injury time. Some even said that he already got the hardest part, most critical moment at that time. Come on, are you gonna die tomorrow? Do you even know when you’re going to die? Or , can you guarantee thats the last suffering or happiness you got? Dont answer me.

What if that suffering you felt is just the vey beginning of all? No one can guarantee J

Theres gonna be another unpredictable shocking moment hehehe


After all, lsets just believe our God (Allah swt) the only  Ilahi rabb, the truly fair one, who has, and always spread the justice around the world ,despite of keeping all the negative thoughts. Lets just believe that. By doing it, i am sure, Insyaallah we’ll stay calm, accept everything as a gift, as a test, and take the brightside (hikmah). Just like stuart little’s father said “Every gold has a silver lining” 🙂


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