Our life is series of moment.

Each one is a journey to the end.

Let them go, let them go” –NOW IS GOOD


 Have you ever despise your self?

Dont ask me back. Dont ask me the same question.

I’ll say I dont, never. Even if  I did.


Self is supposed to be embraced.

Gather its soul, grow it, keep it.


Now I see my self standing alone in this big world.

Big bad world, they said.

A soul in a self.

Build  anything in here,in my self.

So I wont despise anymore.

Told you, I did despise my self.

I was.


I might be a do-badder.

Like breaking some shit.

Well in some point of view, I might an  innocent one.


Let it be. Let them go.

Let them embrace me.

Let them judge.

I’ll forever stay in this corpse anyway.


The corpse I live with.

I dont despise  at all.




Soul flatterer


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